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I am interested in what you are doing but when I browse down the menu on your right hand side of the site I don’t see a category for cooking nor many other nonfiction categories, mostly fiction categories.

Will you be adding nonfiction categories? If so, how soon?


Hello yes thanks for the suggestion. I have some nonfiction on the site but will add more soon. Please list yours if you like. Laura

J.A. Schneider (Joyce)


I’ve just released a sequel to EMBRYO, and I wonder if you’d like to review EMBRYO 2: CROSSHAIRS? The protagonist is a woman you’ll love. Below is all info. Thank you so much for your attention.


Author’s name: J.A. Schneider


Genre: thriller, suspense, medical thriller, woman sleuth

Title: EMBRYO 2: CROSSHAIRS (sequel to EMBRYO)


The heart-stopping ending of Embryo has created a new crisis…

They thought the nightmare was over. Intern Jill Raney and the man she loves, obstetrical resident David Levine, barely escaped death at the hands of a madman on the steep roof of an old part of the hospital. The awful scene, captured by overhead news choppers, became a media obsession, run horrifyingly over and over. Jill and David are now reluctant “celebrities” – and the targets of every wacko who wants to share in the attention.

Including a killer. Someone who begins venting his fury at their “fame” by his hideous assaults on women – assaults which Jill and David discover are also death threats to them, and to a 6-month-old baby who has yet to be born.

Their predator is clever. Haughty. Leaves cryptic “clues” to taunt them and the police, who are at a loss. He knows how to leave no physical evidence behind. No prints, no fibers, no eyewitnesses.

Jill and David must still return to their exhausting hospital duties, knowing that any psycho can just walk into a hospital. Friends beg David, who is a crack shot, to carry a gun, but he doesn’t. “What’s the use?” he asks. “A doctor’s back is always turned.”

Instead, Jill and David join forces to become detectives on their own, helping the police in ways that even forensics experts never imagined; working frantically to uncover an unspeakable secret that dooms their fate and that of a sweet-faced, unborn child…unless they can put an end to an obsessed killer’s twisted quest.

Amazon Link:

Cover art attached

Can I send this to you by Amazon “gift send?”

Many thanks again,

J.A. Schneider (Joyce)


Hey guys!
I think I won the kindle giveaway (August challenge) but I cant find my email anywhere. Have you contacted with the winners yet or it’s just a coincidence that I see my name on the winners??

Thank you !


Hi the names on the site are people who won Kindle Free Books which I haven’t notified yet, you might be a winner, I will check it. The Kindle Fire Winner was Gina Harris. Thanks, laura

M.L. Curry

Please review my ebook, Affair with the Divine, an Amazon offered memoir about paranormal experiences I have had in my life, especially during the illness and death of my husband. I subsequently traveled to France & Italy daily documenting more psychic events The story is unique, and includes self help suggestions to readers about developing sixth sense perception. Thank you

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