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I have submitted my book here, and made a payment. I just haven’t received a confirmation and don’t see it on here. Could you let me know if there is something I left out? Thank you!

Christine Dela Parker

This true story tells the horrifying encounters that a residential family has with the creature known as Bigfoot. Accompanied by video, photographs, and audio evidence, the story is written in Christine’s own words as it unfolds.

Joe A A Silmon-Monerri

Hello Laura,

I just came across your wonderful site this morning (11th April 2014). What a great gesture this is, on behalf of authors everywhere! Thank you for this gargantuan effort to assist others to promote their work(s). I will be looking in again, as soon as my new book is published (very shortly). It will be in Kindle and paperback on Amazon via the auspices of PublishNation, London, UK. It is vol. 1 of a 3-vol. series. Vol. 1 is called “A SECRET SON” (+ strapline). When back, I promise to contribute financially to the site, when the time comes. Your fee is more than reasonable. However, I’d appreciate it if you could let me know if your site is limited no fiction. Mine is part of a three-decade-long non-fiction multi-disciplinary project, published earlier as a single volume. This first volume is an encyclopaedic biography of a 19C British earl of the Noble House of Seymour (of Tudor Queen Jane Seymour fame)

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