Book Marketing Tips: Use social media to find readers

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Twitter Party: Held Oct. 26 on Twitter

Last week we held a Twitter Party and gave away a $50 gift card, a free ad on our site and four copies of our ebooks. Congratulations to the winners!

Here’s a recap for those who missed the party but still want some book marketing tips.

Note: A Twitter Party by the way is one method of book promotion I picked up from Kindle Bestselling Author  Cheryl Kaye Tardif. (Children of the Fog and How I made $42,000 in a month selling my ebooks)

The party is a way to get people to your websites or to introduce them to your products. In return for their attendance they are offered prizes or useful information so everyone wins. I will post more about using Twitter Parties at a later date.

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Here’s three ideas we discussed for online sales:

1. Offer something people want

If your book is a romance novel then you should be targeting people who read this genre. Here’s some ideas on how to find them:

Twitter: Use keywords to find possible readers should be used in your search box and under the #discover button at the top of your Twitter account.

Here’s some examples for any genre:

avidreader; amreading; fridayreads; bookblogger; bookreviewer; librarian; bookclubs

Romance specific:

romance readers; romance bookclubs; romance blogs; love stories

Whatever your genre seek those people. Once you find them, most will have a profile that should indicate whether or not they are someone to follow or contact via their website or contact information.


This social site is similar to Twitter but instead of follows, you like people’s pages. Most people will like you back.


Once you find an audience you have to have something that will entice them to make a purchase of your service or product or information that will make them want to include you in their social media circles.

For example, on our site we have a number of tools authors need and like to use such as listing their FREE Promotion days on KDP Select Books. This draws them to our page and in return we get traffic and hopefully some sales of our books and products.

You can host contests, giveaways, promos or anything that is creative and fun to draw people to your site or books.

2. Use FREE days

Offer your books and services at discounts or give them away (within reason). You will attract an audience that otherwise may have not looked at your books. It also helps you make connections. Sometimes friendships or business partnerships are formed.

For example, I had someone email me about one of our books to say she really enjoyed reading it. After a couple email exchanges we teamed up with each others promos giving each of us a new audience.

3. Have a great book

You want people to praise your work and tell others. Edit, format and presentation to the highest standards. Get as many book reviews as possible through giveaways, book review requests and author-friendly websites that offer such services.

Use your book to promote it.

a. If you have a topic that is currently in the news, twitter and facebook about it with links to your books.

b. If you won an award – announce it to your social media sites

c. If you get a lot of 5 star reviews, announce it.

d. Any positive changes made to your book, let people know about it.

e. If you hit a bestseller list, get picked up by an agent or traditional publisher, let everyone know.

f. Post about your book, your marketing efforts and your trials and tribulation.


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Here’s to your succes, have a great day.


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