Book Reviewer: Science Fiction

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I’m a science-fiction author who has just published my first book, The Demon Rolmar. I love all things sci-fi. I have loved sci-fi and fantasy stories ever since I was little. It makes sense that I would grow up to be a sci-fi author. I’m also an avid reader who likes writing book reviews. I will be posting updates about my book, new book reviews, and whatever strikes my fancy.

Bio from The Demon Rolmar

A. V. Griffin has been fascinated with science-fiction and fantasy stories since she was young. As a college student, she took to creative writing and began her story, The Demon Rolmar. Infusing the novella with her passion for science fiction, readers everywhere will be able to sense the enormous love and respect she has for the genre. Griffin holds a bachelor’s in psychology from Fordham University and currently resides in New York.



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