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Today’s Book Marketing Tip: Social Media

Hello authors we are adding a new feature to our site. Every week we will try to offer a new book marketing tip or author service that may help you with your book promotions. Whenever available we will offer services that are free or at reasonable prices. As a full disclosure we are affiliates of the services we offer so may make small profits with your purchases. But our goal isn’t money, it is your success!!!

May 2015 be your best for book sales

Today’s marketing tip: FROM Get Social with Sue and Dan Worthington

Do You Have A Plan For Social Media for 2015 – Part 1

How many of you think that Social Media is here to stay or are you part of the minority who still believes that this is just a passing fad? If you’re still thinking that you don’t need to get involved with all this ‘social stuff’ well I’m afraid to say that statistics say differently.

According to Hubspot: ’92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that Social Media Marketing was important for their business’, and ‘80% said that their efforts using Social Media increased traffic to their website’.

According to Social Media Examiner: ’97% of marketers currently participate in Social Media Marketing, BUT ‘85% of participants said that they are still not sure what Social Media tools to use’.

Clearly from these numbers there is a big potential for increasing your sales with social media but also still a lack of understanding on how to achieve results …

Full Article Here

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Category Book Listings – normally $25 on SALE NOW $15

Perma Free Book Listings – normally $25 on SALE NOW $15

New Releases – Normally $20 on SALE NOW $10



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